About Us

Our Mission

Twirling Bird Creative was born out of a love of creativity and art, and a passion for letting kids have those experiences as well. Our mission is to provide a guide and inspiration that can be used to let your creativity flow. Use the guide as a starting point, then YOU get to decide where this creative journey will take you. Want to paint a yellow unicorn? Go for it! Will your shark have an orange stripe? That's awesome! Maybe your dragon will breathe snow instead of fire. It's all up to you!

Our Founder

Photo of Twirling Bird Creative Founder

Hi! I'm Stephanie, creator of Twirling Bird Creative. I live in Massachusetts with my husband, our two kids, and our dog Penny (she's also part of the Twirling Bird team).

Photo of our dog Penny

We are a creative family, so it's only natural that I would be running this business. The spark came when I was planning my daughter's birthday party and couldn't find the right painting activity for the event, then decided to create my own. I quickly realized that others would be interested in this idea too. From there, Twirling Bird Creative painting kits were born!

I'm excited to bring you this creative concept. My favorite part is getting to see all of the artwork that comes out of our kits! If you would like to share your creations or have any questions, please reach out to hello@twirlingbirdcreative.com.